work-life balance: 

it's a matter of time 

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Work-Life Balance:

It's a matter of time.


More than ever before, Canadians play many different roles in their lives.  They are workers, parents, spouses, friends, caregivers of elderly relatives  and volunteers in their communities.  They must also make room in their lives for taking care of their own physical and mental well-being.  Not surprisingly, achieving balance among all these competing priorities can be difficult.  In fact, 58% of Canadians report “overload” associated with their many roles.

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Achieving work/life balance means having equilibrium among all the priorities in your life – this state of balance is different for every person.  But, as difficult as work/life balance is to define, most of us know when we’re out of balance.  Take the Work/Life Balance Quiz to find out more about your own personal balance.


Read the special report published in "the Globe and Mail": A State of Mind

Work Life Balance: It's a Matter of Time Pamphlet

This full-colour pamphlet explains the theme of Mental Health Week 2007 – Work-Life Balance: It’s a Matter of Time. If you’re finding it difficult to balance the different elements of your life, you’re not alone. Building on the Practice Mind + Body Fitness theme from previous years, this pamphlet provides information to help people keep a work-life balance.

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Work Life Balance: It's a Matter of Time Poster

This 11” x 17”, full-colour poster promotes the Mental Health Week 2007 – Work-Life Balance: It’s a Matter of Time. It includes white space on the bottom for overprinting.

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Work Life Balance: It's a Matter of Time Quiz

Are you in balance? Developed for Mental Health Week 2007, the new Work-Life Balance Quiz can help you gauge your own mental wellness. Your results will help you to reflect on your unique strengths and identify areas where you could improve to help you stay in balance.

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